Mike Compton's Ball Hawg (TM) Ball Retreiver- Make The Most From Your Practice Time; Reduce Wasted Time; Increase Efficiency

Whether you like it or not, retrieving baseballs during practice is as necessary as hitting, throwing, and catching. However, retrieving baseballs off of the ground is of no value to player development and results in unnecessary bending at the back and time away from beneficial practice. Mike Compton, minor league catching coordinator for the Philadelphia Phillies, has developed a ball retrieving tool designed to speed up the baseball retrieval process thereby allowing more time devoted to player development.

Introducing THE BALL HAWG™ Ball Retriever

Made of durable plastic, THE BALL HAWG™ ball retriever may be subjected to heavy use on a variety of surfaces including natural grass, artificial turf, dirt, concrete and carpet.  THE BALL HAWG™ ball retriever easily holds twenty baseballs and can be quickly emptied to make baseball retrieving a breeze.

Previously available to only professional baseball teams, THE BALL HAWG™ patent pending ball retriever can even be adjusted over time to retrieve and retain both waterlogged baseballs having an increased diameter and weight, and worn baseballs having a decreased diameter.

Purchase the Ball Hawg™ now for only $39.95.

What users of the Ball Hawg™ say:

Hey Compy

I wish I would have had the Ball Hawg when I was playing! It would have saved me a lot of long days of shagging batting practice and saved my back along the way. It's a pitchers best friend. I use it every day.

Steve Schrenk
Pitching Coach Philadelphia Phillies.

Use the Ball Hawg™
on the field
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Use the Ball Hawg™
in the cage

I have been using the "Ball Hawg" for years. I have utilized it in Spring Training, during the season, and in the Florida Instructional League. It makes it fun to pick up baseballs during batting practice or while players are working in batting cages.

The "Ball Hawg" would be a terrific addition to any baseball program..

Jim Hoff
Minor League Field Coordinator
Tampa Bay Rays

Having been a player, hitting instructor, and head coach for the past twenty-five years, I have found a tremendous benefit from using the Ball Hawg.

The Ball Hawg saves me and my students valuable time and puts less stress on my body. Teaching 200 lessons per month for the past fifteen years, I routinely picked up, by hand, approximately 300 balls per lesson. The Ball Hawg has saved my lower back and I'm not as tired at the end of the day.

Dave Kent
Former pro player with the Yankees, Pirates, and Cardinals.
Head high school baseball coach for ten years.
Owner/instructor of the Hitting Zone for 15 years.

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Using the Ball Hawg™ Ball Retriever is as easy as  1....2....3

1.  Press the baseball past the durable spring clips in the barrel of The Ball Hawg™. 2.  Take The Ball Hawg™ and its load of baseballs to your storage container. 3.  Pour the baseballs from the open end of The Ball Hawg™ into your storage container.

Thanks for the Baseball tubes that you sent to us at "The Big League Experience". Our customers use them every day and receive compliments all the time from the kids and adults. Using the tubes have not only made everyone's backs feel better but also speed up the "pick up" process thus giving more time for training.

Mike LaValliere and Don Robinson
The Big League Experience

As a baseball nerd who has been involved in professional baseball for over 20 years I simply am not a fan of gimmicks.  That being said, The Ball Hawg is a piece of equipment that should have been thought of a long time ago and will be used by myself and other baseball people religiously for a long time.  Thanks Compy for keeping it real and allow us coaches and players to do the tedious jobs with less strain.

Rod Nichols
Former Minor and Major Leaguer Player.
Current AAA pitching coach with the Phillies.
Lifetime user of the "The Ball Hawg"

"As a hitting coach, It is important that I get my hitters as many swings a day as possible. Over the course of a day, I have my guys hitting before, during, and after batting practice. You can imagine how many balls I have to pick up in a 5 month season, not to mention 1 month of Spring Training. I don't think I would have been able to get the amount of swings I wanted my hitters to get in practice without the Ball Hawg.

I saw the Ball Hawg for the 1st time in Spring Training but was apprehensive to try it. I figured that I could pick up as many balls in the cage as the players using the Ball Hawg. It took me about 2 days to realize that they were picking up more balls with the Ball Hawg than I was by hand. I tried it myself and was instantly hooked. It is lightweight and easy to use. It picked up balls off grass, dirt, and astro turf very easily. Whether you have to pick up 25 balls or 250 balls, the Ball Hawg will help you pick up those baseballs in a hurry and let you get back to what players love to do; and that is hit."

Kevin Jordan
Minor League Hitting Coach

The BALL HAWG saves time.  It keeps catching and fielding drills going and is an unbelievable back saver while picking up balls on the field or in the batting cages. Anyone involved in coaching, teaching, or playing the game of baseball should get a BALL HAWG. I would like to thank Mike Compton for this great invention...I LOVE IT!

Greg Legg
Philadelphia Phillies Organization
1982 to present

Dear Mike,

Wanted to drop you a line and say what a huge help the Ball Hawg has been in the batting cages and out on the field. The pitchers fight over it because it saves their back and legs (keeps them from complaining). I have found that we can get more work done and have more energy because the Ball Hawg helps get the balls back in the bucket so quickly and we can have more time working on the fundamentals of the players swing. It sure makes things go faster and more smoothly. Life is just sweeter for my players and myself. What a great tool.

Thanks So Much,
Tampa Bay Rays Minor league manager and 11 year Major league veteran,
Jim Morrison

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